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CBD Alternative Medicine That Has Some Reaching For the Stars

The CBD alternative medicine buzz over the last few years has found many devotees, and you would think at times from what you read, that it could cure almost anything.

If you've been on another planet for the last few years and don't know, CBD is the compound in cannabis (Cannabidiol). It's the one that doesn't get you high and doesn't have mind-altering effects and is popping up in everything from salads to sundaes.

Some say it can help with many conditions from depression and anxiety to reducing or preventing epileptic fits. In other words, there's a good chance you will learn more about it from a product on a restaurant menu than you would from a traditional source such as your doctor.

How CBD Alternative Medicine Stacks Up Against Traditional Medicine

But what's the big deal? Why is there so much interest in a plant substance that's not a “wonder drug”? The covid 19 outbreak has not slowed the rising use of CBD. Cannabidiol is a natural plant component, CBD alternative-medicine a phytochemical substance, that may have medical benefits.

Featured image text: "CBD Alternative Medicine Learn More".

Instant pain relief CBD offer

Things you should know before you try CBD oil

There's no “wonder drug” in medical marijuana. While it's true that certain plant compounds are used in the production of marijuana for medical purposes. It's also been established through user feedback, that the plant is known to help with a number of ailments.

But the plant isn't yet proven an effective treatment for cancer or HIV/AIDS although it is being used while better alternatives are found, or scientific studies are completed which back-up its use.

The medical marijuana industry is said by some people to be a huge scam. It's not unique in that! So are many  Alternative Medicine businesses that deal with plant materials.

But there is a legitimate medical use for cannabidiol. That there is no proof of its efficacy is not the same as it not having curative effects. It's just that not enough scientific research has been done. Until it has been done, sufferers who need a cure now are bound to try these preparations and food out. Many of them do report positive hemp results.

The jury is still out on CBD and will be for some time yet.

CBD Alternative Medicine: Uses, health benefits, and risks

In the laboratory, CBD is an ingredient used to treat epileptic fits, a side effect of some seizure medicines. Its also been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties.

One of the reasons that a company has found for using it in a topical solution is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory. That means that it reduces swelling of the brain, an important factor in meningitis. And, it does not seem to have any effect on healthy tissue around the brain. There have been some preliminary findings that its effects could include a reduction of seizure frequency.

Everything you need to know about CBD oil

CBD oil is not intoxicating.”

In the clinic, its use is mainly for chronic seizure problems. Some patients are on high-potency cannabidiolic acid. This compound is also found in marijuana, for a longer period of time to treat chronic pain and nausea brought on by chemotherapy.

That's because, in that case, CBD alternative medicine is not the drug that causes a reduction in seizure frequency. It's actually the high potency cannabidiolic acid.

CBD oil has few side affects.

That's probably because its action is limited to inflammation or soreness that may be an outcome or symptom of a disease or disorder. But there are some conditions where a shorter-acting supplement is given to treat inflammation.

These are such as in patients who have inflammatory bowel disease. Its action is to prevent swelling. Its action has yet to be proven in HIV/AIDS as there is no approved treatment for the condition.

CBD and HIV/AIDS, however, are related. Its anti-inflammatory action helps prevent “wasting syndrome”. That's a condition of poor circulation, and it's often caused by inflammation.

Its effect is to lower the cytokines. If not all of them, it lowers certain cytokines that trigger the body's inflammatory response. CBD is an anti-inflammatory CBD Alternative Medicine. The result is improved immune function or immune activity.

CBD oil can be used to treat many conditions suffered by adults and children

The medical community is beginning to realize that there are benefits to treating inflammation. That's a big reason that doctors are starting to recommend using cannabidiol. They do that for some patients with chronic pain. It's an alternative medication for opioid painkillers.

Questionable CBD oil products may be prevalent

Those patients are careful to avoid using anything but the best CBD products. That's because the purity of the CBD on general sale has been shown to be lower than it should be. In most situations, it's a safer option than opioids.

CBD Alternative Medicine – Summary

The medical world isn't ready to make a recommendation yet as to how much of the supplement one should be taking. A person should discuss all of the options with their doctor. This way you can create a plan that best suits their individual needs.

It's too soon to say whether or not it will become a treatment for a variety of conditions. But there are indications that it's beneficial in conditions like arthritis and inflammation. And those are conditions for consideration.

So, should you use CBD products or buy foods that contain CBD?

We suggest that you don't allow yourself to be carried along on a wave of optimism. Do your research, if in doubt contact a medical expert, and try CBD out in a low-risk way while watching out for side-effects. Be aware that in most nations they are not considered to be a medicine, and that use of CBD is at best “alternative medicine”.

That does not mean to say that these products are not benefiting many people. “The jury is out” on CBD and the world is waiting to know the answer…

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